Report Cards, Visitors, and Withdrawls

Report Cards

Report cards are issued four times annually. Parents will be notified during each quarter with a mid-quarter progress report. Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers often regarding student progress and performance thru email, conferences, telephone, etc. The final report card will be distributed to students on the last day of school. 

Grading Scale: 90 – 100 =A, 80 – 89=B, 70 – 79=C, 60 – 69=D, 0 – 59=F


Parents and other visitors are welcome to visit the school provided that they check in and identify themselves with the main office upon arrival and departure. Visitors will wear a Visitor's Badge provided by the office. All classroom visits should be limited to no longer than 30 minutes. Please schedule your observations in advance through the office. Please do not drop in and expect a teacher to stop teaching and conference with you about your child. This is especially true during instructional time and in the mornings before the bell. There are to be no classroom visits after 2:30 p.m.

Any visitor who causes disruption, distraction, or any other interference in the teaching and learning process will be asked to leave immediately. The Principal will have the right to have a disruptive visitor removed by school security and/or the police department as well as the right to prohibit the individual from participating in future visits to the school.  Guidelines for School Visitors is a Board Policy. Please refer to the Code for Student Behavior for 2015-2016.

Withdrawing a Student

When withdrawing a student from school, please notify the school office several days in advance. This will enable teachers to complete all records prior to the student's last day in school. The school will provide parents with a "transfer form". This form can be hand carried to the new school so that proper placement can be made. Your child’s new school will then request the child's records from Dozier Elementary.

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